Tune into our new Fullex radio campaign

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Here at fullex, we aim to educate the public on high quality door hardware security. For this reason, we’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new radio campaign.

As the leading multipoint lock manufacturer, we have led the way for innovative designs. We are always striving to provide the smartest security solutions and we want your customers to know what sets Fullex apart from the rest.

With the launch of our new radio campaign, our insurance and police approved designs will be showcased to listeners nationwide.

What’s our goal?

Well – it’s simple – to ensure that your customers are in the know about we offer and even more, encourage them to invest in Fullex multipoint locks.

So, as a manufacturer/ installer who install Fullex locks, this can help you stay ahead of competitors who don’t offer our products.

Be sure to tune in to hear ex-Coronation Street actor Sean Wilson, who played Martin Platt in the soap for over 20 years, feature in our campaign:

“For home security that’s right up your street, ask your installer today for UAP and Fullex.”

Where will the radio adverts be broadcast?

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