The XL Exodus Emergency Exit System the Only Panic Hardware for the Fullex Lock

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XL Exodus Panic Hardware is the only emergency exit structure that can be used with Fullex multi-point locks.

Panic hardware is a necessity in most buildings, from offices and corporate premises to public buildings including hospitals, residential buildings and supermarkets. Even multi storey car parks need to have emergency exits. Anywhere that requires quick, easy and hazard free exit in the event of an emergency must have doors with panic hardware installed.


But, what the XL Exodus provides is more than just an effective emergency exit system. It provides a rapid way out from the inside, whilst still retaining maximum security on the outside.

The XL Exodus comes with a full width crash bar which can quickly be pushed to release the lock and open the door; allowing anyone inside a building to exit swiftly and safely. But as the system can only be used with Fullex XL Lock and the Fullex XL Crimebeater, it also offers maximum security – being PAS24 compliant, Secured by Design licensed and CE Marked.

These locks come packed full of security features, and all the deadbolts and hooks are made with strong, hardened cast steel, making them exceptional difficult to defeat. Both locks easily pass PAS24 tests and come with the best security features a multi-point lock can have.

XL Exodus can be uses on uPVC, Composite, Timber, Aluminium or single Steel doors; there are a range of backset options and there is even the option of having an external handle – so the door can still be operated and accessed from the outside.

The crash bar is made with powder coated steel and the hardware comes with a matching slave unit, with one piece, or individual keeps available. Faceplates are available in silver, white and brown.

The system has been cycle tested to 200,000 operations; it has been tested for corrosion resistance for 240 hours and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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