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Fitting locks to Timber and Composite double doors has never been so easy – thanks to the genius of the Gemini System!

The Gemini System includes a 3 deadbolt multi-point lock for use on double doors made from Timber or Composite. The master lock with its 3 deadlocks, interlocks with it’s matching slave unit to create tight compression and a secure seal.

Aluminium Extrusion

The system works using a hard wearing aluminium extrusion which is fitted onto the edge of each door. It is fitted to both the slave and master unit and when the door is locked it forms a rebate; so the two doors overlap with each other and these overlaps fit together sealing the two doors  – as shown below. This cassette system is ideal as it reduces the amount of machinery needed to create a rebate between the door, as the locks and keep are already fitted into the aluminium, so all you need to do is screw Gemini to the door – making it the best system to use for easy fitting!


Tapered top and bottom deadbolts offer high security and added compression – helping achieve the Secured by Design and PAS24 status the lock holds. 14mm wide top and bottom shootbolts also help achieve this.


The Gemini lock comes with a double operating handle option – meaning there is a handle on both doors.The handle on the slave door throws shoot bolts top and bottom, when the master door is closed and the bolts throw into the keeps they engage with the shootbolts in the slave door locking them of at the same time, so there is no key operation on the slave door once the master door is locked the slave door is also locked.


The lock has been corrosion resistance tested to BSEN 1670 Grade 5 for 480 hours and cycle tested to 100,000 cylces.

Other features

  • Split spindle option for use on front door application
  • 304 stainless steel faceplate and slave lock for high corrosion resistance
  • Easily reversible latch as standard
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