The Fullex Patio Door Lock and the UAP Patio Door Handle are the Perfect Match!

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A match made in door hardware heaven…

The Fullex Patio Door Lock and the UAP Patio Door Handle are completely compatible and make your doors both more functional and more secure.

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The Fullex Patio Door Lock

Locks for sliding patio doors come in 2 versions: 6 hook and 8 hook locks. They are suitable for all major PVCu profiles and boast exceptional security as well as durability. Each patio door lock has been manufactured using Austenitic stainless steel. This offers maximum corrosion resistance creating a long lasting, durable product.

As with all Fullex Locks, the patio door lock is both Secured by Design licenced and PAS24 tested. Whether you choose the 6 or 8 hook option, all hooks are opposing which makes it extremely difficult to lift them out. There is also a central anti-lift bolt to make this even more challenging. On either patio lock, there is the option to add shootbolts at the top and the bottom. The shootbolts fire out securing the door further when it is locked.

Fullex Patio Locks have been designed with an inclusive mishandling device.  The device pushes in when the door is fully closed which then allows for the lock to be operated. This not only makes locking the door much smoother but also prevents damage to both the lock and the keep.

The lock has been cycle tested by 100,000 operations and corrosion resistance tested to BSEN1670 Grade 5 (for sever corrosion) in excess of 480 hours. It comes with a 10 year guarantee.

The UAP Patio Door Handle

Not only is the patio handle fully compatible with our lock, but it is clean and contemporary in design, perfecting any sliding patio door. It has been primarily designed with smooth operation and easy fitting in mind.

The handle is made with 316 grade stainless steel and is part of the UAP Nanocoast range. As it is part of the Nanocoast Range the handle also comes with a lifetime coating guarantee and is salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours. Nanocoast handles are designed with the best material to resist rusting, including rusting from high sea-salt concentrated air, which can accelerate the corrosion process. This makes the handle the perfect product for areas within a 25 mile radius of the coast.

UAP have made fitting the handle simple with their patent pending screw alignment feature. This allows you to easily line the holes in the handle up with the holes in your door. The feature acts as a holder for the screw and will keep them in place while you’re drilling. It will also help you line the screw up with the hole more effortlessly – making the handle easy for just about anyone to fit, and making it a fast job if you have multiple handles to install.

Although it comes ready fitted to the backplate, the patio handle can be removed and refitted easily if the doors opening direction is the other way – making it perfect for all doors. The handle also has a fluid and effortless to open thumbturn for an easy release of the doors latch.

For more information on either product contact the UAP or Fullex sales team on: 0161 796 7268.

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