Our new Fullex brochure features our cost effective and secure gearboxes!

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We have launched our brand new repair parts brochure, featuring our full range of gearboxes and accessories including the brand new Gemini handle.

Our brand new brochure is ready to download now.

Centre Case Gearboxes; Cost effective and secure lock replacements!

For an affordable lock replacement, look no further than our range of secure centre case gearboxes.

If the locking mechanism on a Fullex lock isn’t working, it’s possible to replace the centre gearbox rather than the full locking system.

This is where our innovative gearboxes come in handy. After all replacing the centre gearbox is more cost effective than replacing the full lock!

Centre cases can simply be re-attached to the existing locking strip and non-handed, meaning they can be fitted to left & right handed doors!

Our selection of gearboxes are available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm backset sizes with the option of choosing from single, split or dual spindle cases.

 View our full range of Gearboxes here!

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