Maximum Security and Maximum Reliability with the Fullex XL Lock

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The Fullex XL Lock, for use on PVCu doors, comes in dual, inline split spindle and single spindle versions. But all of the locks share the following features:


PAS24 tested and Secured by Design Licensed; the Fullex XL Lock is as secure as any multi-point locking system on the market.

All XL Locks have 3 hooks. They use 2 hardened steel hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom, and one sintered steel hook in the centre. The hardened steel hooks have an anti-hacksaw feature, meaning they are strong and cannot be cut through. The hooks are opposing which makes lifting them out more difficult – providing additional security.

The locks are also fitted with hardened steel, anti-lift bolts. There are 2 bolts, 1 beside the top hook and one beside the bottom hook. These bolts also help stop the door from being lifted and the hooks from being disengaged.

Smooth Operation

PVCu doors are more flexible and allow for more movement than composite or timber doors, with up to a 12mm gap between the door and the frame, compared to just a 4mm gap on a composite door. With that said, added compression can help create a better fit between the door and the lock on PVCu compositions. That is why each lock comes with at least 2 roller cams, with the option to have 4 if desired. Roller cams adjust to provide a seal between the door and the frame. The added compression not only provides an excellent fit between the door and the lock but also creates an even smoother operation.


All XL locks are both cropable and extendable, so they can fit a variety of door profiles. When extended there is also the option of adding an extra roller or shootbolts, which offer more security. Shootbolts secure the lock further upwards, downwards into the floor and out into the keep. XL Locks can also be easily cropped if necessary, for your flexibility.

The Latch

The latch on any XL Lock is reversible, making it none handed. Each lock also comes with a hold back snib on the lock faceplate. This stops the door from locking behind someone when they exit so they can easily walk back in. It does this by stopping the latch from engaging.


The system has been cycle tested to 200,000 operations and corrosion resistance tested to BSEN1670 Grade 4 for 240 hours.

The Kinetica 3 Star Cylinder

For maximum security the XL Lock can be used with the TS007 3 star BSI Kitemarked cylinder – Kinetica.

The Different XL Locks

Different Lock Configurations

There are 3 different lock configurations: the first has a 518mm centre, the second has a 650mm centres and the third has a 735/758mm centre. Each of these configurations is available in inline split spindle, single spindle and dual spindle versions.

The only locks which are not available in all 3 of these versions – single, split or dual spindle – are the following locks:

The XL Slave is only available in single spindle. The XL4R is also a single spindle lock with a centre hook, latch and 4 rollers, 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom – this lock would usually be used on balcony doors above the first floor. The XL4RPRO is the dual spindle version of this lock.

Finally the XL2R2M is a dual spindle lock which has a centre hook, latch, 2 rollers and 2 mushroom cams. Mushroom cams replace rollers and are considered more secure.

Other than these 4 locks, all XL Locks come in single, dual and inline split spindle versions.

XL Single Spindle Locks

Single spindle locks only have one square drive at 92PZ and the external handle will always withdraw both the locking points and the latch. These locks can be used with both long, 243mm backplates and short 219mm backplates.

XL Dual Spindle Locks

Dual Spindle locks have 2 square drives to operate the lock. The top drive is set at 92PZ and when it is used for the both the inside and outside handles (as it is in single spindle locks) both handles will operate the locking points and withdraw the latch.

However in dual spindle locks, the second drive, which is set at 62PZ can be used for external handles. This means the external handle can operate all the locking points but will not withdraw the latch – which is now only operable from the outside by the cylinder.

The function has been designed to tackle walk in crime. Even if the door is not locked, if it is closed, the latch is on and can only be operated with a key or the inside handle. The internal handle is on the 92PZ drive – which operates both the latch and the locking points.

The lock can only be used with long 243m backplates.

XL Inline Split Spindle

Split spindle locks have the same function as dual spindle locks and do the exact same thing. However, where the external handle would be set at 62PZ, it is instead set to an external handle spindle. The external handle spindle does the same thing in that it does not operate the latch, only the locking points. This lock is compatible with both short and long backplate handles.

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