Introducing the Crimebeater 220 Pro

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The Crimebeater 220 Pro is suitable for composite and timber doors.

Fullex Crimebeater 220 is engineered to provide long term reliability and security, as well as being unbeatable on price.

Each Crimebeater 220 Pro lock is Zinc and clear passivated. This combination ensures corrosion resistance quality, creating a long lasting, durable product.


As with all Fullex locks, the Crimebreater 220 Pro is tested to PAS 24 standard in a UKAS accredited laboratory and licensed by the Police approved body Secured by Design.

The opposing top and bottom hardened steel hooks make it extremely difficult to lift them out – providing additional security. The 2 hardened cast steel hooks, one at the top and one at the bottom, are very strong and cannot easily be cut through. They also come with 54mm top and bottom hook cases, allowing for reduced routing time.


The latch on the Crimebeater 220 Pro is reversible, none handed.

Each lock comes with a hold back snib on the lock faceplate which stops the latch from engaging. This prevents someone being locked out when they exit.

Backset and Faceplate

The backset size is 45mm and the faceplate is 20mm x 1570mm long.

Inline Split Spindle

The split spindle mechanism means that when someone is to exit and close the door, a door cylinder key is needed to re-enter. The split spindle allows the external handle of the door to operate all the locking points; however it is designed to prevent the latch bolt operating. Only the door cylinder key has control over the latch bolt from the outside.

This function has been designed to tackle walk in crime. Even if the hooks have not been engaged, once the door is closed, the latch is holding the door and can only be operated with a key. However from the inside, the handle operates both the hooks and the latch for a quick and easy exit.

The lock is compatible with both short and long back plate handles.

Keep Sets

The Crimebeater 220 Pro comes with 3 universal keeps, meaning there is no need to stock both left hand and right hand keeps or worry about fitting them incorrectly.

Testing and Guarantee

The Crimebeater 220 Pro has been cycle tested to 50,000 operations and corrosion resistance tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 4, 240 hours.

Here at Fullex, we have our very own UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 2259 in which we are able to assess the security of residential doors and windows against PAS 24.

Being UKAS accredited, we can offer development testing in addition to fully accredited testing for certification.

For more information on Fullex testing services head here.

Maximum Security with the Kinetica

Combining the Crimebeater 220 Pro with the Kinetica 3 star BSI Kitemarked cylinder. A combination of the expertise from Fullex and UAP, the Kinetica incorporates a unique anti- bump timing pin system, anti- drill and anti-pick pins and effective protection against lock snapping.

Find out more about the Kinetica here.

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