Bin Store Lock

all doors

For Bin Storage Doors


  • For use on timber and composite doors.
  • Available in dual spindle
  • Easily reversible latch
  • Includes latch hold back snib on lock faceplate
  • Comes with a universal, unhanded keep
  • Tested to 200,000 full cycles
  • Corrosion resistance tested to BS EN 1670 Grade 4 for 240 hours

Technical Data:

Corrosion Resistance
BS EN 1670 Grade 4 for 240 hours

Cycle Operation
Cycle tested to 200,000 operations


Sintered AB steel

Zinc and clear passivated

Zinc and clear passivated

For maximum security the
Lock can be used with the
Kinetica 3 star BSI Kitemarked
TS007 cylinder:

The Fullex Bin Store Lock has multiple purposes to meet different requirements, which include being suitable for residents  in multi tenanted buildings who require a key for the bin sheds. As well, the Fullex Bin Store is suitable as a temporary lock to replace the majority of multi point locks while a replacement is sourced.

In the event that a suitable lock is not immediately available, the Bin Store Lock can be used as a temporary security solution, designed for professional installers.

The sintered steel hook in the centre has an anti-hacksaw feature, meaning it is strong and cannot be cut through. Each lock comes with a universal keep, meaning there is no need to stock both left hand and right hand keeps or worry about fitting them incorrectly. The backset size is 45mm and the faceplate is 300mm by 20mm, zinc and clear passivated as standard.

Product Dimensions:

Product Codes:

Old Product CodeNew Product CodeSpindleBackset
No of
Hook DirectionNo of
XL45MM Dual Bin LockBIN-LOCKDual45mm243mm92mm or 62/92mm1N/A0

Keep Sets:

Old Code New Code Handed End Type
XLC0009-KE BIN-LOCK-KEEP None Square


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