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Fullex Gemini Double Door Locking System

The Gemini system makes composite or timber double doors simple.

The Gemini System is pure genius, meaning that fitting locks to Timber and Composite double doors has never been so easy!

  • For timber and composite double doors
  • PAS24 tested and Secured by Design licenced
  • Very simple to fit 'bolt on' design makes fabrication easy
  • Tapered top and bottom deadbolts offer high security and compression
  • Additional hook bolt option is available
  • With double operating handle option or dummy external handle to slave
  • Split spindle option for use on front door applications
  • Easily reversible latch as standard
  • 304 stainless steel faceplate and slave lock offers high corrosion resistance
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee

The Gemini Double Door Locking System includes a 3 deadbolt multipoint lock for use on timber or composite double doors. The master lock, with its 3 deadlocks, interlocks with its matching slave unit, locking the top and bottom shootbolts in place to create tight compression and a secure seal.

Both master and slave lock are either mounted on hard wearing aluminium extrusions or directly on to the timber sashes.

This ingenious system works by using a hard wearing aluminium extrusion which is fitted onto the edge of each door. It is fitted to both the slave and master unit, and when the door is locked it forms a rebate, meaning that the two doors overlap with each other, sealing the two doors.

With this cassette system all you need to do is screw Gemini to the door - making it the best system to use for easy fitting!

Gemini has achieved both PAS24 and Secured by Design approval. It is suitable for both 44mm and 56mm door widths and is available in a range of hard wearing finishes.

When matched with the Fullex Kinetica TS007 3 Star cylinder system, Gemini is at the forefront of residential double door security.

Product Codes:

Right Hand Opening Out | Left Hand Opening In:

Product Code Finish
GM100-10-2150 White Painted
GM100-40-2150 Silver Anodised
GM100-80-2150 Gold Anodised

Right Hand Opening In | Left Hand Opening Out:

Product Code Finish
GM102-10-2150 White Painted
GM102-40-2150 Silver Anodised
GM102-80-2150 Gold Anodised

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