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Fullex XL Dual or Split spindle locks

The XL was designed from the outset to offer maximum security and reliability.

Sharing many features from the highly successful SL16 Crimebeater lock, XL adds a sintered steel centre hook, two hardened steel anti-lift bolts and the option of either two or four roller cams for compression and smooth operation.

Every XL PVC lock is extendable top and bottom for maximum flexibility and combined with Fullex high security shootbolts, the XL French door system is fully capable of meeting PAS24 requirements.

XL is available in a range of lock centres and can be used with either one piece or individual keep sets.

The XL is available in a full length 16mm mild steel faceplate offering high salt spray corrosion resistance in excess of BSEN1670 Grade 4, giving peace of mind to hard pressed fabricators and consumers.  Matched with the Fullex Kinetica TS007 3 Star cylinder, XL offers high security, easy operation and reliability.

  • PAS24 tested and Secured by Design licenced 
  • tested to 200,000 full cycles
  • Three opposing steel hooks and two steel anti lift bolts
  • two or four roller cams
  • 92/62mm dual, 92mm single spindle and 92mm PZ Split spindle options
  • 16mm Silver passivated faceplate
  • easily reversible latch
  • latch hold back snib on lock faceplate
  • one piece or individual keeps
  • extendable top and bottom as standard

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